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sometimes it does pay off to get up early in the morning…


planning to buy a new bicyle…Fixie on the way

as if 4 bikes wouldn’t be enough already I am now planning to buy yet another bike…but something a bit different this

not sure why and how it came to it, but somehow I am really interested in Singlespeed/Fixie cycles.
so next week I am going to see a dealer some kilometers from here and try to get my hold on the
2008 Specialized Langster New York
Specialized Langster New York
photo by Specialized

As far as I know the Langster series is somewhat limited and it’s not that easy to get the bike – still, after talking to the dealer just last week he was confident that he will be able to order one of the Langster New York’s and get it here for me.
So if everything goes well I’m going to ride this cutie from beginning of april onwards

getting ready for 24h of Mountainbiking

As the 24h Mountain-Bike race in Freistadt is getting closer and closer (Feb 23/24) I am not trying to ready myself for the race.

Even though this MTB race is only a “warm up” for the rest of the season and I am just there to collect some kilometers, I still want to cycle at least 200km – so let the training beginn…

stats since November 2007

November: 7:01:24 h 240.5km
December: 13:33:36 h 342.86km
January (so far): 5:14:00 h 171km
Total: 25:49:00h 754.36km

for a Pro that’s not even a proper warm-up, but for me (and especially my family) that’s quite somehting…



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kids just wanna have fun!

1 1/2 months left…

today I got the ok that I am allowed to start at the 24h MTB race in Freistadt (Austria) on Feb 23/24.

although I started to train already in November, time is running short, especially after the Christmas holidays with lots of celebrating and plenty of good food.

So now it’s all about eating less and train more…

habe ich überhaupt Zeit für einen Blog?

Diese Frage kann ich jetzt eigentlich noch nicht beantworten. Es kann also leicht sein, dass der Blog nur sehr unregelmässig gefüttert wird – aber was weiss man schon…