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getting ready for 24h of Mountainbiking

As the 24h Mountain-Bike race in Freistadt is getting closer and closer (Feb 23/24) I am not trying to ready myself for the race.

Even though this MTB race is only a “warm up” for the rest of the season and I am just there to collect some kilometers, I still want to cycle at least 200km – so let the training beginn…

stats since November 2007

November: 7:01:24 h 240.5km
December: 13:33:36 h 342.86km
January (so far): 5:14:00 h 171km
Total: 25:49:00h 754.36km

for a Pro that’s not even a proper warm-up, but for me (and especially my family) that’s quite somehting…


One response

  1. Das wird ja bestimmt lustig in Freistadt! Trainier noch brav! Wir sehn uns im Februar! Dein Vereinskollege Eraser!!

    January 12, 2008 at 07:37

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