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cycling…over and out for 2008

the cycling season is over, at least for me…

2008 started off pretty good, the Kraftwerktrophy in May was fun, even though I couldn’t reach my personal goal of 500km.

the next 24h race was less fun – in Grieskirchen we were supposed as a 2-men team – the problem was that my colleague had to cancel the night before the race >>> I “had to” cycle on my own. As Grieskirchen is not the easiest 24h race (at least in my eyes), my expectations were pretty low. so was I was pretty happy that after 24hrs I wasn’t last in the Team category (2-men team), but that there was another team still behind me, and they did cycle as a team…

the last 24h race for the year was the Kainachtal Trophy in Styria. I was really looking forward to this one, and I thought that I was in good shape. Well, for the first 200km I really was in good shape – but then my pulse dropped below 130, even on the short climb. As I normally ride with a quite hight pulse I was afraid that something was wrong. I quit the race and went back home the very night (Saturday) – and it was the right decision. On Sunday I was lying in bed, with a ore thraot an a fever…

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t doneanything – except eat and enjoy life 😀

next week I am on a business trip, but after my return i plan to start to train again (i am on my fixie everyday anyway, but start on the Ergo again). well, at least what I call training…

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  1. I have given up for this year. The final straw was when I bought a new cycling shirt ( one of the World Jerseys ones off Amazon – http://www.procyclingshirts.com/pro-cycling-shirts/what-is-a-cycling-shirt/ ), and when I tried it on it was too small. Absolutely gutted, to coin a phrase. One good thing has come of it though. Its made me all the more determined to fit into it in the new year 🙂

    December 16, 2008 at 16:30

    • Servus,
      das sollte ich hinkriegen, könnte allerdings ein paar Tage dauern.

      wird wenn über
      stetre76.redbubble.com zu beziehen sein


      August 23, 2009 at 09:19

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