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2009…back in the saddle

the “new” year is already an old one, and with the winter we’ve had here in Austria, it’s a wonder people are already thinking about cycling….when i look outta my office window i can see the Nordkette (mountain range) and it’s still covered by snow – so it would almost be more fun to take the skis out again and head for the mountain tops…

anyway, next week i’ll start at the first “race” of the year – a 12h Fixie & Singlespeed race in Vienna. It’s gonna be fun, or as much fun as you can get when 65 Singlespeeders are curving around a 1.5km round. But i take it as a training, at the very best. The Last man Standing 09 will show me where i stand and if it makes any sense to start with the singlespeed also at the Kraftwerktrophy 2009 which will be held in late May, also in Vienna.


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