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rainy week=lazy week

yes it’s summer, the only problem – so far the weather in Austria doesn’t act like summer.

it’s been raining almost all week, most of the rivers are flooded, some parts of Austria are hit by floodings and the weather forcast for the next days doesn’t really sound any better.

so this week has been a very lazy cycling week > no cycling at all so far.

on Saturday I am going to Kärnten for one week, for my summer vacations.
on Sunday I am starting at the “Kärtner Seenradmarathon” an do the 103km tour > some 3hrs of cycling.

the rest of the week I’ll probaby leave the bike in the garage…it’s vaction time after all.

next cycling plans:
July 11: Passau – Vienna (approx. 320km)
start aroung 6am and hope to arrive in Vienna some 12hrs later (together with two friends)

and I’ve just signed up for the 24hrs race in Fohnsdorf on August 15/16

for the rest of the year – no plans yet….


twikini – new toy for my windows mobile device

I am using my SE Xperia X1 for quite some time now and always try to get some useful software.

As I am using twitter quite often to keep up to date with friend and colleagues, I now tried to find an application for my X1 (running on windows mobile 6.1)as well.

With Twikini from TrinketSoftware I think I found what I was looking for. As far as I could test it for the last couple of days, twikini seems to be ideal for using twitter on the go.

some screenshots:
sending a message

images by TrinketSoftware