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an der schönen blauen Donau…

all along the river danube….

last Saturday (July 11), 2 friends of mine and myself cycled from Passau (Germany) to Vienna.
It’s a very popular tour among hobby cyclists, as it follows the river Danube all along the way, and there are quite a few places that are worth visiting along the route – like the Abbey of Melf, the Wachau Valley with Dürnstein, and of course Vienna.

Normally, riders take 4-5 days to get from Passau to Vienna, not only because they are visiting some sights along the river, but simply because most don’t want to cycle more than 60-70km per day.

But as we are a bit crazy, we decided to do the ride in approx. 12hrs – just for the fun of it.

so here’s the details:
Passau – Vienna: 321km
time in the saddle: 10h31min
time Passau > Vienna (incl. 2 breaks): 12h7min
avg. speed (net): 30.6km/h

VDO Z3 data:
VDO Z3 data