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Kraftwerk-Trophy 2010 – wrap up

On May 15, 2010 this year’s Kraftwerk-Trophy was staged in Vienna.
The 12h race was once again organized by the 2RadChaoten and even though the weather wasn’t the best, the event itself was simply amazing.

For myself I was pretty statisfied with my performance – up until May 15 I’ve been in the saddle for maybe 250km (on my road bike) so my expectations were low.
Also, as I came to Vienna with a bit of a cold, I decided to ride only as long as it’s not raining – yeah, I know “what a softie”.

At the start at 8am it was still a bit cool, but temperatures caught up a bit and around noon it was nice cycling weather, except for the very strong winds.
Around 4.45pm it started to rain, but i decided to go on a little bit longer. Shortly before 6pm, with 2hrs still to go, heavy rain set in and that was when I decided 308km in 09h45min is enough – well, I’ve done more on one day than in the whole season so far….

race-start of the KT2010

race-start of the KT2010

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