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To the Karwendelhaus (1.771m) with the MTB

After yesterday’s rain, today the weather cleared and so I decided to go on a quick mountain bike tour to the Karwendelhaus.

Startingpoint was Scharnitz on the border to Germany.

The tour is fairly easy with not too many meters to climb (some 900m) and the with approx. 39km (return) is easily done in 3 hours.

From the parking in Scharnitz you simply have to follow the signs to Larchet Alm and to Karwendelhaus – you can’t really miss it. Even though the tour is not too hard, it’s well worth a go – the landscape and the views you get to see are fantastic.

From the Karwendelhaus you can also start some nice climbing tours to the surrounding mountains, or you continue on with the mountain bike to the Falkenhütte or the Großer or Kleiner Ahornboden.

GPS log

looking towards Scharnitz

looking west from the Karwendelhaus

Hochalmsattel & some cows


Kalkkögel – Side A & B

During the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been hiking and mountain biking quite a bit, and two tours brought me to the Kalkkögel, a mountain range near Innsbruck that belongs to the Stubaier Alps.

In winter you can ski on both sides of the mountains – to the North in the skiing area of the Axamer Lizum and to the South in the so-called Schlick2000 area.

The Kalkögel also some amazing hiking and climbing trails, and as they are not far from Innsbruck, the are pretty popular among the “Innsbrucker”

So just to give you a hint of what the Kalkkögel look like, here two panorama photos, the first one – the A-side – from the Schlick2000 side, the second one – the B-side – from the Kemater Alm and Axamer Lizum side.

the Kalkkögel as seen from the Schlick2000

the Kalkkögel as seen from the Kemater Alm

Hikingtour to the Wetterkreuz (2.592) – Tyrol, Austria

Some two weeks ago, when the weather was still nice and warm and the sun was still shining, I went on a hikingtour with some friends.
From Kühtai (near the Issalm) we went to the Wetterkreuz (2.591m) and then on to Hochoetz. Altogether it’s a pretty easy tour with maybe some 900m of hiking up.

On the way to the Wetterkreuz through the Wörgetal you pass the Buchersee, which is a lovely little lake looking very inviting for a swim, but beware – it’s pretty cold as it’s fed by the surrounding mountains…

panorama, pano, lake, mountains, landscape

Buchersee - Wörgetal

Eventhough it’s a pretty easy tour, it offers some amazing views. Just a few meters below the actual goal, you get a great view over the Wörgetal, which you’ve just hiked up and the mountains surrounding the valley and Kühtai.

panorama, pano, Austria, Tyrol, mountains, landscape

view over the Wörgetal

Finally, after a short, but step climb you reach the Wetterkreuz and can enjoy an amazing look at the Acherkogel (3.007m) and the Oetztaler Alps in the background, as well as the Oetztal and the Mieminger Kette further to the North (to the right).

panorama, pano, landscape, Austria, Tyrol, mountains,

looking at the Acherkogel, the Oetztal and the Mieminger Kette

all Photos were taken with a Canon EOS 7D, Sigma 10-20 EX DC HSM, Hoya ND8 HMC filter – all photos are panorama shots (freehand) and consist of at least 5 individual photos.

for fullview/complete view please click the photo

an der schönen blauen Donau…

all along the river danube….

last Saturday (July 11), 2 friends of mine and myself cycled from Passau (Germany) to Vienna.
It’s a very popular tour among hobby cyclists, as it follows the river Danube all along the way, and there are quite a few places that are worth visiting along the route – like the Abbey of Melf, the Wachau Valley with Dürnstein, and of course Vienna.

Normally, riders take 4-5 days to get from Passau to Vienna, not only because they are visiting some sights along the river, but simply because most don’t want to cycle more than 60-70km per day.

But as we are a bit crazy, we decided to do the ride in approx. 12hrs – just for the fun of it.

so here’s the details:
Passau – Vienna: 321km
time in the saddle: 10h31min
time Passau > Vienna (incl. 2 breaks): 12h7min
avg. speed (net): 30.6km/h

VDO Z3 data:
VDO Z3 data


2009…back in the saddle

the “new” year is already an old one, and with the winter we’ve had here in Austria, it’s a wonder people are already thinking about cycling….when i look outta my office window i can see the Nordkette (mountain range) and it’s still covered by snow – so it would almost be more fun to take the skis out again and head for the mountain tops…

anyway, next week i’ll start at the first “race” of the year – a 12h Fixie & Singlespeed race in Vienna. It’s gonna be fun, or as much fun as you can get when 65 Singlespeeders are curving around a 1.5km round. But i take it as a training, at the very best. The Last man Standing 09 will show me where i stand and if it makes any sense to start with the singlespeed also at the Kraftwerktrophy 2009 which will be held in late May, also in Vienna.

1 1/2 months left…

today I got the ok that I am allowed to start at the 24h MTB race in Freistadt (Austria) on Feb 23/24.

although I started to train already in November, time is running short, especially after the Christmas holidays with lots of celebrating and plenty of good food.

So now it’s all about eating less and train more…