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New Fixie – Felt Brougham

some things just take a bit longer…

already in December 2009 I ordered a Felt Brougham Fixie to replace my Specialized Langster New York (I somehow got tired of the yellow). estimated shipping: February 2010

in February I already heard rumors that Felt is way behind with the Brougham (in Europe) and in Mid April the dealer I ordered the Brougham at told me he had to cancel the order, as he was cancelling his contract with Felt as they were too unreliable (he had quite a few people waiting for the Brougham).

so that was that, and as a consolation I bought a Scott Scale 29er MTB – which brought me back to mountainbiking.

Now, after surfing around on the net for a bit, I saw that the Brougham is finally available, and even though I hadn’t planned to go for it, I just did it anyway…

so here’s my new ride….





Last Man Standing 2009

The first race is over – I wasn’t the last man standing, but neither was I the first one down…

April 25, 2009 – Vienna, Cyclodrom
the weather was great, the sun was shining the sky was blue, but the wind was a devil with up to 50km/h.
The race started at 09.10am and the goal was to cycle as many kilimeters as possible within the next 12hrs.
the course was fairly easy, 1.5km with no climbs.

my goal was set at a minimum of 250km, but i hoped for close to 300km.
pretty soon i realized that the wind will be a main player and that 300km will be pretty hard to achieve. even more so as I was riding 44:16 fixed, which was too slow for the tail-wind section and almost too hard for the head-wind.
also, most of the other rides rode on singlespeed bikes, so they were able to rest there legs at least for a couple of meters…

so most of the time i rode alone, which worked pretty well for me. after about 5 hrs i had some 130kms and I knew that 250km is going to be no problem.
after 10h40min I had 251.35km on my speedometer. this was what I had hoped for…
so I decided to let it be, and headed back home, and sepnt the rest of the eveneing with my family…

my guess is taht 275 to 280km would have been possible if i had continued to the end.
251.35km is ok, but compared to the 404km the winner had on his odometer, I guess it’s a poor performance.

still, now I know that the next race, the Kraftwerktrophy, should go pretty well – 300km shouldn’t be a problem then. now I only have to decide if i do the Kraftwerktrophy with my roadbie or with the Singlespeed once again….

going up...just a bit
just going up a bit

catch me, if you can...
catch me, if you can (actually the could and did quite often…)

just me
just me…

2009…back in the saddle

the “new” year is already an old one, and with the winter we’ve had here in Austria, it’s a wonder people are already thinking about cycling….when i look outta my office window i can see the Nordkette (mountain range) and it’s still covered by snow – so it would almost be more fun to take the skis out again and head for the mountain tops…

anyway, next week i’ll start at the first “race” of the year – a 12h Fixie & Singlespeed race in Vienna. It’s gonna be fun, or as much fun as you can get when 65 Singlespeeders are curving around a 1.5km round. But i take it as a training, at the very best. The Last man Standing 09 will show me where i stand and if it makes any sense to start with the singlespeed also at the Kraftwerktrophy 2009 which will be held in late May, also in Vienna.

cycling…over and out for 2008

the cycling season is over, at least for me…

2008 started off pretty good, the Kraftwerktrophy in May was fun, even though I couldn’t reach my personal goal of 500km.

the next 24h race was less fun – in Grieskirchen we were supposed as a 2-men team – the problem was that my colleague had to cancel the night before the race >>> I “had to” cycle on my own. As Grieskirchen is not the easiest 24h race (at least in my eyes), my expectations were pretty low. so was I was pretty happy that after 24hrs I wasn’t last in the Team category (2-men team), but that there was another team still behind me, and they did cycle as a team…

the last 24h race for the year was the Kainachtal Trophy in Styria. I was really looking forward to this one, and I thought that I was in good shape. Well, for the first 200km I really was in good shape – but then my pulse dropped below 130, even on the short climb. As I normally ride with a quite hight pulse I was afraid that something was wrong. I quit the race and went back home the very night (Saturday) – and it was the right decision. On Sunday I was lying in bed, with a ore thraot an a fever…

For the last 2 weeks I haven’t doneanything – except eat and enjoy life ­čśÇ

next week I am on a business trip, but after my return i plan to start to train again (i am on my fixie everyday anyway, but start on the Ergo again). well, at least what I call training…

For Fixie – fixedgear – Singlespeed Lovers: Fixie T-shirt

just created a new t-shirt/shirt design for all Fixie, fixedgear, singlespeed lovers.


Fixie T-shirt


Fixie T-shirt black

if interested, just click the image…

planning to buy a new bicyle…Fixie on the way

as if 4 bikes wouldn’t be enough already I am now planning to buy yet another bike…but something a bit different this

not sure why and how it came to it, but somehow I am really interested in Singlespeed/Fixie cycles.
so next week I am going to see a dealer some kilometers from here and try to get my hold on the
2008 Specialized Langster New York
Specialized Langster New York
photo by Specialized

As far as I know the Langster series is somewhat limited and it’s not that easy to get the bike – still, after talking to the dealer just last week he was confident that he will be able to order one of the Langster New York’s and get it here for me.
So if everything goes well I’m going to ride this cutie from beginning of april onwards